Home Staging

First impressions are everything when selling a home. Statistics show that staged homes generally sell for 6-10% MORE than homes that are not staged. The emotions created when a buyer views a home heavily influence their decision on whether to purchase or not. The first step in preparing a home for staging is de-personalizing and de-cluttering, this is important because our goal is to help the buyer visualize themselves living in the home. We also want to make any repairs and suggestions for possible paint colors and more.

Additionally staging your home will help it stand out from the competition. When buyers have many options of homes to buy you want to stand out in their minds and leave a lasting impression. This will lead you to sell your home much faster than the other homes for sale in your neighborhood.

My home stager will communicate the things that prospective buyers in our market are more inclined to show interest in. The home stager will communicate the best ideas for your home to assist with that faster sale. Remember although your home is wonderfully decorated to live in, the home stager will be looking to decorate your home to sell. These are very different purposes. This gives us an objective third party opinion to aid in selling the home.